RED ALERT: the DEADPOOL Trailer Has Been Classified

Oh, baby.

Back at Comic-Con a few weeks ago 20th Century Fox debuted the first trailer for Deadpool, which was met with such an incredible response that the crowd demanded that it be shown again. It subsequently leaked online yet the studio didn’t back down and officially release it, like Warner Bros. did with Suicide Squad. Fortunately, Ryan Reynolds himself assured us that something was coming and we just had to be patient.


Lo and behold, a trailer has been classified.

deadpool trailer classified

This comes from Alberta Film Ratings who are always on the money with this stuff. You’ll notice that trailers for Spectre and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II are both classified and they were released a few days ago, so it’s very likely we’ll be seeing this one sooner rather than later. Fantastic Four hits August 6th so the interwebs have collectively assumed that that’s the movie it’ll be attached to and it’ll hit online a few days earlier.

One unfortunate thing to note is that the trailer is rated PG; this means it’s a green-band trailer and won’t be the footage from SDCC. Instead, it will likely be an edited-down, family-friendly version. Deadpool is going to be R-rated and the original footage completely embraced that, but Fox will want this to reach a wide audience. Who knows, we might get a red-band trailer alongside it.

Either way – we’re getting official Deadpool footage which is something to be incredibly excited about. Who cares if a two-minute trailer is rated PG?! We’re getting the Merc with a Mouth!!

Now, who wants to celebrate with some chimichangas?

Deadpool Eats to Celebrate Canada