SPOILER: FEMALE LOKI Cast For Tom Hiddleston’s LOKI

Female Loki coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Let’s dive into it folks!

This is the hottest new potential spoiler to hit the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if I’m being honest, it sounds like one of the most likely ones to happen.

According to reports, during the events of Loki’s upcoming Disney plus mini-series, he’ll gender bend into a lady.  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with Loki from the comics, let me fill you in on why this isn’t that weird.

Loki’s transformed himself into a woman in the comics before.  He’s also been transformed into an adorable little bratty kid, in a classic storyline that involves the Silver Surfer and kid Loki searching for mysteries in the Oklahoma prarie, but that’s another tale for another time… More about Loki’s female tales.  Well, in the comics, after yet another Ragnarok cycle… which is a storyline that Marvel comics has told WAY TOO MANY TIMES, Loki returns in a cycle of rebirth. And instead of taking his normal male form, he decided to steal Lady Sif’s body.  

Through Magic and Mischief, he caused a lot of mayhem as the fairer sex.  It also resulted in some pretty interesting comic stories… as well as a few confusing feelings beneath the tum tum.

And before you think this is just another part of the super evil agenda to stuff PC culture down your throat, let me remind you that Loki was a shape-shifting, sex-changing fun-loving deity in classic Norse myths.  Not only did he change his gender, but he changed his species into a horse, got knocked up by a random Giant’s stallion steed, and became pregnant with a gigantic 8 legged horse.  

It’s all normal stuff for Loki and it makes sense in his story.  Hell, Marvel comics iteration is pretty conservative by comparison.

There are no official details on who’ll be cast, but this potential spoiler is really seeming like it’ll be true.  What do you think? And as always, if you want a chance at a PS4, make sure you subscribe and hit that bell.