TRANSGENDER HERO Inserted in Marvel’s Next Movie

Marvel Studios is going to introduce the first Transgender superhero in an upcoming film.

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Kevin Feige revealed in a recent interview that Marvel Studios will be introducing it’s first Transgender superhero in an upcoming film.  Here’s a quote from the interview:

When asked at the New York Film Academy whether there were any plans to introduce more diverse characters, specifically transgender characters, the 46-year-old producer said: ‘Yes, absolutely yes. ‘Very soon, in a movie, we’re shooting right now, yes.’

The article then goes on to guess which film Kevin Feige might be hinting at.

As far as we know, The Eternals was the only one in production at the time of this interview.  And it seems like there might be a very obvious candidate for this role: Ajak.

If you don’t know much about that character, don’t worry.  It’s hard to keep up with everybody in each of these team-based movies, especially when the team members don’t have their own solo series like Captain America or Iron Man in the Avengers.

Ajak is a male Celestial, who’s pretty cool in the comics.  He can communicate with celestials and is kind of the go-to-guy for Zuras, leader of the Eternals, when talking to those space gods.

Ajak also happens to be a guy.  But in the film, he’ll be played by Selma Hayek.  There’s a lot to like about that casting. Ajak has a close tie to Central american tribesmen in the comics. Like other Eternals, Ajak’s existence has inspired worship and religions throughout history.  While others, like Zuras, inspired tales in Greece and Europe, Ajak’s inspired tales in Latin America. Selma Hayek’s hispanic heritage means Marvel Studios won’t catch any flack for whitecasting, and is also a great chance for latinos to see more than Ant-Man’s best friend on the big screen.

Now, I know there are a ton of folks who just hate all of this forced diversity, as the kids say.  I used to kinda, sorta agree with you guys. But as you get older, and you move from being a young guy consuming comic books, and you become a dad-ish figure, who just wants your kids and their peers to feel at home in the comic book community, then you really see the importance of these changes. 

I’m a teacher by trade, until this whole youtube thing takes off.  And I also happen to be a dad. And it really sucks to see my kids struggle to find characters that share the same issues that they do.  Sure, there are great role models for them out there, like Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, but the more similar a character is to you, the stronger you can connect with them. The more you realize it’s okay to be different.  And the more you realize different people can be heroes too.

I’m really excited to see a transgender hero on the big screen.  I suspect it’ll be Ajack, and that makes a ton of sense since mythological beings like to change their gender from time to time. 

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