Why WINTER SOLDIER Killed WOLVERINE’S Wife – Marvel Explained

Why Winter Soldier killed Wolverine’s wife. Stay right here for the full story.

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Alright, now for our story.

Winter Soldier killed Wolverine’s wife and nearly killed his son. This is one of the most brutal and downright terrible tales from the past ten years of Marvel comics.

In 1940’s Japan, Wolverine was training in a small town called Jasmine Falls. His mentor, Bando Saburo, was showing Logan how to abandon his life of war and killing, and how to discover tranquility.

While there, Logan met a woman named Itsu. The pair fell in love and she soon became pregnant with Wolverine’s kid. During her pregnancy, Wolverine was involved in an accident that resulted in his exile from the village. His friend, a blacksmith, accidentally set off an explosion that caused Wolverine to accidentally stab and kill a villager.

Before he said his last goodbye to everyone, Wolverine went to see Itsu. But unbeknownst to him, The Winter Soldier had been sent to Jasmine Fall on a secret mission. Under the command of Romulus, a pretty crazy wolf-themed super-villain, Winter Soldier murdered Itsu.

Romulus took her child, who had survived the murder, and raised him. That child would grow up to become Daken, the son of Wolverine.

Wolverine’s story takes a few turns, as he deals with the tragedy of the loss of his wife and son, even though the latter lived on with another family that Romulus selected.

As for The Winter Soldier, his motivations in this mission were simple. He was brainwashed and the man controlling him was dead set on ruining Wolverine’s life. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time that The Winter Soldier has committed terrible crimes against superheroes. I’ll be sure to let you know more in the future.

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