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Oh. My. God.

Comic-Con officially ends today, however for all intents and purposes it’s over on Saturday night when all the big movie panels wrap up. This year 20th Century Fox had the honour of being the last one at the gate and they didn’t disappoint, with many saying that a particular trailer they showed “won” Comic-Con. Right now at UTF we have an article saying Star Wars won Comic-Con, another saying it was DC and now apparently it’s Deadpool. So conflicting.

After the necessities of talking about Maze Runner and Frankenstein the panel got on to the stuff that everybody actually cared about – X-Men and Fantastic Four. Something something Fantastic Four sucks something something Old Man Logan something Magneto something something DEADPOOL!







What the shit! Deadpool trailer just broke Hall H. Massive standing-o! #sdcc

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If that all doesn’t get you fucking hyped up then I don’t know what will.

There are plenty of people who don’t like Deadpool because of how he revolves around comedy so much – sick, twisted comedy at that. The character is exactly my kind of humour so I have always been interested in him, but it wasn’t until I was lent a copy of his Marvel NOW! reboot comic (the one where he fights the dead Presidents of the United States) by a friend that I realised he is actually a lot more than that. He’s endearing and he’s lonely and I pity him perhaps more than any other superhero. Yeah, the trailer was all laughs but I really hope the film nailed down those aspects of the character, and judging by the behaviour of Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller we’re in for a real treat.

Will it be a success? I think the odds are 50/50 at this moment. It could end up like Scott Pilgrim; a great movie that doesn’t do too well at the box office but becomes a cult classic. It certainly feels like a cult film in the making. On the other hand, it could really connect with audiences and make a decent bit of money for Fox – we know the potential is there because of how successful Kingsman was, however aside from the R rating they’re both fundamentally different movies.

I would say that this could be leaning more towards cult classic status. From what we know of the trailer it was very much geared towards fans (especially the Green Lantern joke) and a lot of the hype so far is built around getting the fans on their side – which they have done so very, very well. The next step is general audiences. I think that as long as the film has good marketing then it can easily win them over too; for example, you can have Ryan Reynolds show up on Conan to promote the movie in-character. Stuff like that will reach a large number of people and could sway them over to the Merc with a Mouth. At the end of the day, it’s the moviegoers who will make or break this movie, but we fans are just concerned about whether it’ll be good or not (but we like it when good movies make money).

Now, Fox, the next thing to do is just release the trailer online. It will reach a huge number of people that way and get them all really hyped up for this movie. Ryan Reynolds also said it himself: this is only happening because of us. The nerds. The geeks. The basement-dwellers. Kingsman‘s success played a huge part in greenlighting Deadpool but it was also because of the leaked test footage and the incredibly positive response it got. While giving the people in Hall H a great trailer was giving back to the fans, not everybody could be there. Warner Bros released the Batman v Superman trailer online – you can do the same Fox!

Truth be told, the trailer has already leaked and it’s been up for a few hours. However, we’re gonna be good samaritans and not post it here – don’t do piracy, kids!


And thus concludes Comic-Con 2015. It’s been a fun ride, everyone, and we hoped you enjoyed it. See you next year!