“Badass” is a word which is pretty synonymous with the franchise at this point, and this trailer continues it. I’m guessing it’s the one which was shown at Comic-Con a few weeks ago, too.

In fiery fashion Katniss Everdeen is back and after three movies, she is finally leading the assault on the Capitol and President Snow. Director Francis Lawrence looks to have certainly captured that epic feel which this story requires and there is a ton of cool action present – as well as weirdness, because what the fuck are those slimy-skinned people?

I’m a big fan of these movies. Catching Fire is my favourite because of the analysis it gives on the theme of hope (which is something I hope is brought over to Batman v Superman), but the other two films are good too. They have a certain indie quality to them which isn’t present in other big blockbusters; perhaps because of the emphasis on character. However, I must say I am a little relieved that the franchise is ending. I like my art grey rather than black and white, and The Hunger Games is a series which very much presents the Capitol as the great evil which must be stopped by all the good people. There is a little greyness thrown in there but I would be much more invested in it if we had POV’s on either side and readers/audiences were generally stuck as to who to root for. I haven’t read the books but I think that if this franchise ends in any way other than President Snow’s death and the Capitol’s demise then a ton of people are gonna be disappointed.

Also, I like how with each movie the amount of flames around the logo increase. By now they might as well blow it up at the end.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II is out November 20th, so you can look forward to even more trailers before then which will hopefully take my wish into account and end with the Mockingjay symbol exploding. That’s high art right there!