Bond is Back With a Bang in New SPECTRE Trailer!!

And what a big bang it is.

A few hours ago the new trailer for the next James Bond movie, Spectre, was released. We got an eerie teaser trailer a few months ago chocked full of dark imagery and sublime cinematography (as we have come to expect from the modern movies), and while this is the same it’s much more action-packed and feels like classic Bond in a way Skyfall didn’t. Check it out!

This trailer has a lot to love. Craig’s dry humour is on point as always and from the beginning it seems as if he’s starting to go a little rogue – perhaps even going off completely on his own to hunt down whatever leads him to Spectre. Mentioning them, it feels as if this new incarnation goes beyond a mere criminal organisation: this feels like a bloody secret society. I’m so excited to find out what their motives are and how Bond is tied to Christoph Waltz’ character (come on, it’s Blofeld), but from this – even though trailers are often edited to mislead – I’m going to take a stab and say that Spectre is behind the events of the past three movies, tying it all together in a nice little bow. As Daniel Craig is signed on for another movie after this (but Sam Mendes won’t be back to direct) then it’s possible this storyline plays out into that movie as well, acting as a fitting swansong for the actor.

I was never the biggest Bond fan growing up, but I really loved Skyfall and it got me into this franchise in a way that I didn’t think would ever happen – this movie looks set to be just as good if not better. The action was visceral and exciting, the cinematography was beautiful and it just oozed intrigue and delight. I’m so fucking excited.

Also, Andrew Scott’s character. C’mon. Look at that split-second shot and tell me that isn’t an arch-villain-reveal-shot.


He’s supposed to be playing a good guy working for the British government – Denbigh – but I wouldn’t be shocked if he turned out to be Blofeld rather than Waltz. He’d certainly be cheaper and it would be more shocking. Have I just spoiled the movie for myself? Dammit.