Star Wars

Ben Mendelsohn might be in ROGUE ONE

I know we’re all still watching that Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer but please take a moment to look toward the future with me, as Deadline suggests that Ben Mendelsohn might be up for a role in that recently titled and most assuredly forthcoming Rogue One. We don’t know much about this […]

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Oh my God! I was already anticipating the launch of a brand new Star Wars trilogy but these images solidified my hype! Why can’t it be December 18, 2015 yet? Thanks to this substantial leak we got to see some distinct creations long before Lucasfilm or Disney intended. How about Chewbacca with a robot arm? […]

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The Millennium Falcon Snags A Stowaway In New STAR WARS EPISODE VII Video

We’ve seen the leaked set photos, we’ve heard Kevin Smith’s description of the ship and we’ve even caught a glimpse of its dejarik table, but nothing beats seeing the real deal in all its glory. J.J. Abrams officially unveiled the Millennium Falcon, arguably the most recognizable of all the Star Wars ships, today on the Bad Robot […]

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