Let Qui-Gons Be Bye-Gones! Liam Neeson Wants In On STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Whaz upppppp!!! Twice in a week!? This is a record for your pal Multi-Verse! I won’t rest until your all sick of me!! Hahahaha! So, what am I here to ramble on about? Oh, yeah! The man! The myth! The legend! Liam Neeson! (HOW BIG IS IT?!? Shout out to you Hollywood Babble-On purest! 😉 you know what that means!)

So, in a recent interview, Mr. Liam Neeson was asked about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII! The conversation went on to suggest if he would be up for reprising his role of Jedi Master Qui-Gon-Jinn. Whom, we all know, died in the end of Episode I: The Phantom Menace. So, any chance of him appearing in Episode VII would obviously be as a Jedi spirit!


Neeson said if he was contacted by JJ Abrams to do so, then he would be more then willing. Only one problem with that.. .JJ would not make that call! JJ and everyone behind Episode VII wants to steer very, very, VERY far from the prequels! I mean, as far as a galaxy far, far, away! Apparently no one wants to be reminded of the prequel trilogy. To that I ask, “Why all the hate for Episodes I-III?!” The acting was…how can I put it nicely…it made me want to rip my eyes out of thier sockets! The dialogue made me want to cut my ears off at times! And the directing, to this day, makes me question George Lucas’s skill to direct at all! But besides all the self mutalation at times, it was the story itself that kept me hooked. The basic premise of the whole journey of Anakin Skywalker was, in fact, intriguing! If you peel away all the things that was wrong with Menace, Clones and Sith, underneath is a really compelling story. But I digress!

From what has been said about Episode VII, it’s looking to be a sure-fire EPIC return to grace for this beloved franchise!


In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind if Qui-Gon Jinn appeared in ghost form or some kind of flashback. The character himself is instrumental in discovering  The One Who Would Bring Balance to the Force. He showed Obi-Wan everything he knows! He’s one character that could hold one hell of a backstory; a story I would hope gets explored in the future. Perhaps in one of those side “prequel” movies. (that would be cool!) and I would hope that it is the great Liam Neeson playing Qui-Gon Jinn in that film. But one thing is certain. He won’t be appearing in Episodes VII, VIII, or IX! Not a chance in hell. (hope I’m proven wrong, though!)

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So, until next time folks…peace out!