MOON KNIGHT – Surprise Casting News

The actor who’ll play moon knight in Marvel’s upcoming Disney series has been potentially leaked.

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Alright. Disney, among its many planned Disney Plus series, is producing a show starring Moon Knight.  Aka Marc Specter. Aka that crazy dude that was a weird relationship with ancient Egyptian deities and has a ton of different personalities.  I’ve already talked a bit about Marc Spector’s actual comic book bio in a different video, along with the leaked reports of the Werewolf by Night story arc rumored to be featured in Disney’s series… so hit that link above for more details.

But let’s focus on this casting news for now.

Since that character is absolutely nuts, often referenced as Marvel’s multiple personality disorder afflicted version of Batman, Marvel fans have been dying to see a nutso actor in the role.  More often than not, you’ll hear Shia Labeouf referenced around the web. Not only is Shia a pretty awesome actor, he looks the part for the role. And since Marc Spector’s Jewish heritage is a pretty important part of his comic book origin, Marvel’s choice of a Jewish actor will save them from any casting scrutiny.

But it looks like there’s another weirdo actor who might be up for the role.

According to recent leaks, Daniel Radcliffe, also known as the boy who lived, is being considered by Marvel Studios.

And that’s a pretty awesome casting choice.  Besides killing Voldemort and flying cars into trees, Daniel Radcliffe has had an awesome run in really weird films lately, including Guns Akimbo and Swiss Army Man.

His performance in those flicks seems like he’d be a perfect match for Marc Spector.  I can easily see Radcliffe cycling between the personalities of Jake, Marc, Echo, and all the other ones he has stored inside.  Also, debating an Egyptian god would be pretty cool, too.

What do you guys think?  Are you psyched for Daniel Radcliffe to take on the role?  Let me know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe for a shot at that PS4.  Catch you next time.