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  • Aaron “ComicBookjerk” Gabbard

    Hit me back got 1 Movie Review William Shatners the Captains” and 2 video game reviews “Battlefield play4free” and “Battlefield 3 Dr Pepper Codes” that is If ya want to post em 😛

  • Marc The Avg. Comic Nerd

    My name is Marcell Hines, I’m a 20 year old comic book fan, just got back into it a couple of years ago. I run a comic based blog on tumblr and I was actually contacted by someone from this site, i think, asking me if i would be interested In a spot on the site. And after visiting, I am very interested and would like to be apart of the site if at all possible. I Have a few article submissions and comic reviews on my page. Here are a couple reviews and rants. Let me know what you think. Thanks

    Here is a couple of them

    Comic Pull List For The Week Of April 25th, 2012 (In Order Read)

    Secret Avengers #23 (Writer: Rick Remender, Artist: Gabriel Hardman)

    Batman & Robin #2 (Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Artist: Patrick Gleason)

    Supergirl #1 (Writer: Michael Green, Artist: Mike Johnson)

    Batman #1 (Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Greg Capullo)

    Batman #2 (Writer: Scott Snyder, Artist: Greg Capullo)

    New Avengers #25 (Writer: Brian Michael Bendis, Artist: Mike Deadato)

    AvX: Versus #1 (Writer: Jason Aaron, Artist: Adam Kubert (Part 1)) (Writer: Kathryn Immonen, Artist: Stuart Immonen (Part 2))

    Got a few throwbacks this week, but its never too late to start. Lots of good comics this week.

    Pick Of The Week: Batman #2

    Batman 1 was great as well, but Batman 2 I believe is where the
    storyline starts to hit its stride. Scott Snyder is doing an excellent
    job of keeping the suspense thick in each page, effectively grounding
    Batman back to his detective roots and showing the new horrors that hide
    in Gotham’s underbelly. The fight scene between Bruce Wayne and his
    mysterious assassin epic. Snyder’s writing and Capullo’s visuals
    compliment so well, they really pull Batman back into the forefront as
    one of Comics all time Greatest Heroes. I really look forward to buying
    the rest of the series and I highly recommend this comic to any thats a
    fan of Batman of comics in general.

    Throwback Saturday Pull List (April 28th, 2012) (In Order Read)

    Blue Beetle #1: (Writer: Tony Bedard, Artist: Ig Guara)

    Batgirl #2: (Writer: Gail Simone, Artist: Adrian Syaf)

    America’s Got Powers #1: (Writer: Johnathan Ross, Artist: Bryan Hitch)

    X-Men #24: (Writer: Victor Gischler, Artist: Al Barrionuevo)

    Supergirl #2: (Writer: Michael Green, Artist: Mike Johnson)

    Superboy #2: (Writer: Scott Lobdell, Artist: R.B. Silva)

    Batwoman #1: (Writer: J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman, Artist: J.H. Williams III)

    Batman The Dark Knight #1: (Writer: Paul Jenkins, Artist: David Finch)

    I, Vampire #1: (Writer: Joshua Hale Flakov, Artist: Andrea Sorrentino)

    Pick Of The Day: America’s Got Powers #1

    I usually don’t pick up comics from companies other than Marvel and
    DC (I know, i’m missing out) but I REALLY enjoyed America’s Got Powers,
    the story is good, Hitch’s art is good as always. It all starts with an
    event in San Francisco that causes all pregnant mothers to
    simultaneously give birth with their children being born with super
    powers. Years later a game show is created that allows any person with
    powers who enters to become part of the worlds premiere superhero team,
    and the story takes off from there. So great Art, terrific story i
    highly recommend this book.

    Concerning AvX…Overall,
    i liked the event (so far, i haven’t read 12 yet), sure it wasn’t the
    BEST thing Marvel’s put out and sure Wanda should have been touched on
    more since this WAS supposed to be her big comeback
    moment, and they could have showed Tony being guilty over creating the
    P5, but hey, when you have like 5 writers and 12 issues cranking out in the span of only 6 months, trying to focus on AT LEAST 30-40+ characters
    at a time, shit gets cray (excuse my vernacular), and some stuff,
    important or not, gets thrown under the bus. Not everything with
    multiple creators on it can be good (DC’s 52 excluded of course).
    Maybe i haven’t learned that much about him in my short time on this
    Earth but to me Scott Summers has always been a dick. I mean yeah, he’s a
    capable leader, tactical fighter, great thinker, and i understand that
    he’s had to make tough decisions since he was basically thrust into the
    role of being leader of 198 or 200+ or however many mutants are around
    now, but he’s still kinda of a dick. So the way he used the Phoenix
    force and how the power took over was pretty much how I expected.
    Now with all that being said I still haven’t gotten my hands on 12
    yet so my opinion my radically change idk. And maybe when I get a bit
    older and my opinion will also change on how the characters were
    But as of right now, I’m still a Marvel fan and will continue to
    support them coming off the heels of AvX as we head into the crossover
    books and MARVEL Now!.
    Shit EVERYONE has bad events and stories, can’t whine forever.

  • John Michael Miller

    I’ve been a huge fan of superheroes overall since I can remember. Aside from writing I also enjoy mimicking the voices of a lot of my favorite characters. Some of them include: Batman from the animated series, Anakin/Darth Vader, Shaggy Rogers, and various accents. I have a link to a Zorro fan fic I did and I have a Star Wars one additionally. Aside from some minor grammar errors, they’re entertaining and keep you engaged. Here are the links. I was unsure if we had to email you or not.

  • eddie O
  • RW Adams

    Just a question; i am very interested in writing for your site, but was just wondering if you did more editorial/opinion pieces? Am not reaqlly interested in writing reviews and wondered if there was the opportunity to write different types of articles on comics and movies in general?

    • Adam Holmes

      Hi RW, I’m the news editor here. We have plenty of opportunities to write news stories, editorials and list articles, and we write on all sorts of things in comics, movies TV and even video games from time to time. If you’re interested, please email me:

      • RW Adams

        Thanks adam, i’ll shoot you a sample piece asap 🙂

  • Ross Harter

    Hi I am very exited to be apart of this website (that is if i am aloud) i really want to write about TV shows, Movies, Comics, and more so if this website has a guy that can answer my comment please do:)

  • Thanura Ravindra

    Hi there, I’m interested in writing for your site. Previously I’ve written reviews and some small opinion pieces for a magazine for a Pop-Culture Club at my College that’s all about TV Shows, Movies, Comics, Games etc etc and I’m interested in getting more experience through more opportunities which hopefully you could provide? I can provide you with a sample of what I’ve done before.

  • Lee Davis


    I’d like to write for Unleash The Fanboy but the code box is being uncooperative!! Therefore, here’s my pitch….

    I’ve been a comic book reader for almost half a century with a deep affection for DC. Well, maybe not so much since the New 52. I also enjoy a smattering of Marvel, notably Spidey and the new Ultimates, and over the decades have sampled everything from Heavy Metal and The Thunder Agents to Copra and Ody-C.

    I’ve also laboured as an editor and writer in UK small press comics. Been a sports and entertainment journalist in print and online among a myriad of jobs, which always makes for fun reading on the dust jacket of a debut novel! Hobbies? Comics, movies and imbibing red wine!!!

    And here’s my email.


  • Fluue

    It is really nice!! I’m totally indulged in it~💖💖