THE ETERNALS – Big Twist Leaked

The big twist behind THE ETERNALS movie has potentially leaked, and we’ve got the full details for you right here.

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Alright, let’s dive into it.  I really want to tell you about the twist, but let’s discuss what we know about the Eternals so far.

As you know, we’ve been paying attention to The Eternals for a long time here.  The first big news hit the web at the 2019 comic con, where we were trickle fed details about the flick…. It was at about that time when we learned that Kit Harington would play Black Knight and also at that time when we learned about the HUGE role the Celestials would have in the flick.

Well, between comic con and now, there’s been a real dry spell of information.  We’ve had a few leaks here or there, and a few potential synopsis leaks, but nothing that was really concrete.

Today, we got our hands on another one, and it sounds… like it could be really accurate.  Bear with me a bit, before we talk about the Twist let’s talk about the comics.

Based on this leak, the new plot will be mostly based on Neil Gaiman’s run in 2006.  In that classic comic tale, The Eternals had their memories wiped, and were wandering around the Earth as a bunch of nobodies.  They thought they were normal people, doing normal people things, and the only thing wrong with them was a nagging thought or recurring dream about their past lives as superpowered Eternals.  Ikaris was the only one who remembered his true history, and he went around trying to wake the others up.

They were just like Hancock from that half-good Will Smith movie.

Well, apparently the Eternals movie will be just like the comics, and I guess kinda like Hancock.

I should say, it will be mostly like that comic.  In a previous run, the Eternal Thena and a Deviant named Kro ended up falling in love, having kids, and causing mayhem with the Eternals.  And that sounds like it’ll definitely pop up in the next movie. According to the leak…

The Eternals will either be hibernating or suffer amnesia, have false memories so that they think they’re normal mortals, and will be awakened during the film.  But unlike the comic book, Sprite won’t be the big baddie.

Here’s the twist: Angelina Jolie’s character, Thena, will be one of the main villains.  Unlike her comic book counterpart, who had a loving mortal husband and a cute little half-human kid, this leak claims that the film version of Thena’s husband will be a Deviant.  Deviants are the big bad group in the Eternals comics. And Thena had a child with her Deviant husband. Believing the Eternals were responsible for the death of her child, which happens at some point before the events in the movie, Thena wants to harness the Celestials’ power to kill them all.

As far as twists go, this one’s not half bad.  A little predictable, and very much on the nose for Disney’s largest critique… you know, that they always make the good guy the villain in the end.

But, Angelina Jolie plays a baddie so well, that I’m pretty psyched to see her on screen.  Also, in the comics Thena is a pretty tough hero. She’s basically like a Marvel version of Wonder Woman.  She even has an armored eagle outfit to match. I can’t wait to see her punch Kit Harrington a few hundred meters into the air.

What do you guys think?  Is this a good twist? Or is it a bit too trite at this point? Let us know in the comments.  And like and subscribe for a chance to win a PS4. Catch you next time.