STAR WARS VII Gets a TITLE!! And it’s kind of dumb…

After completing months of principal photography the J.J. Abrams lead seventh episode of the intergalactic Star Wars saga got it’s title. Are you ready for this?

Can you handle the unveil? Will your mind blow up from the sheer power of its awesomeness?

BEHOLD the banner that got this mighty ball rolling!


You read that right, the latest flick that’s destined to either spark hope or rebellion…


Well let’s start with the fact that it looks like the creative team is keeping the word sequence many around the globe have become familiar with. Namely that the first episode in each set of three enjoyed a by the numbers subtitle (A New Hope, The Phantom Menace). From that point it’s nice to see tradition continuing but, for me, it’s just sounds goofy. And a more than a little stupid.

But what’s in a name? I mean Episode I still has my favorite label and that movie is, and will always be, complete crap. This new brand fails to roll off the tongue and I’m not sure what they’re going for by adopting this. But wouldn’t it be funny if the mystical energy that guides, penetrates and binds us all together only thrives during times of strife and war? Case and point: it needs the Sith as much as the Jedi. It fits with the idea that following the Battle of Endor the galaxy has seen an era of mostly peace and tranquility.

It hasn’t been all that interesting, but now it’s going to be.

New Stormtrooper Fanart Widescreen

But what do my fellow fanboys and fangirls think? Does the title sound downright terrible? Were you hoping for something a bit more forceful? Is it iconic enough for the legendary franchise?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Darth Vader Episode VII