Oh my God! I was already anticipating the launch of a brand new Star Wars trilogy but these images solidified my hype! Why can’t it be December 18, 2015 yet?

Thanks to this substantial leak we got to see some distinct creations long before Lucasfilm or Disney intended. How about Chewbacca with a robot arm? Or the use of pod racers on Tatooine? All together this flick looks like a logical marriage of all six episodes while simultaneously embarking on its own visual legacy. And that villain, though barely shown here, looks like someone worth taking note of in a galaxy far, far away.

From the rubble of an AT-AT used as a base to the broken but mostly together remains of Darth Vader‘s helmet it’s clear that this movie has some dynamic ideas at play. And even if a tenth of the rumors surrounding it turn out to be true you can absolutely consider me one happy fanboy!

But what do our readers think? Is the force strong with this barrage of concept art? Or do you lack faith in Episode VII? Will J.J. Abrams succeed or fail?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

millennium falcon concept art