Move Over, James Bond! Daniel Craig Scores Cameo In STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Not even the biggest of movie stars can resist getting in on the intergalactic adventures. This past weekend, it was reported that current James Bond actor Daniel Craig “begged” director J.J. Abrams for a small part in Star Wars Episode VII. Abrams granted his request, and Craig traveled down to the Pinewood Studios in London for two days to film his part. Yes, he may be a high-profile actor playing one of Britain’s most famous fictional characters, but if this rumor is true, even Craig can’t resist the allure of Star Wars. Now, it’s worth noting that Pinewood is also where Bond 24 will be shooting at Pinewood, so Craig is also likely there for some preproduction work, but that wouldn’t necessarily stop him from taking a little time to visit the Star Wars set.

So, what exactly will Craig’s role be. Will he trade in his Aston Martin for an X-Wing fighter and his Walther PPK for a DL-44 blaster? Well, it turns out it’s going to be tough to spot him, since according to unnamed sources, Craig’s face won’t even be seen in the cameo. One insider told The Sun that “fans will love playing the guessing game trying to work out which covered-up character is Daniel.” This leaves two possibilities. One, Craig’s role will be a voice cameo, either off-screen or as a CGI character (similar to Nathan Fillion’s cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy), or two, he’ll have so much makeup on him that he’ll be barely recognizable. I’m hoping for the latter.


This is the second Star Wars Episode VII cameo that’s been announced over the past week. Heroes and Masters of Sex star Greg Grunberg announced over Twitter on September 11 that he would have a minor role in his buddy J.J.’s movie. That wasn’t much of a surprise given that he’s appeared in some form or fashion in most of Arbams’ work. He is to J.J. Abrams what John Ratzenberger is to Pixar, or what Michael Caine is to Christopher Nolan.

As for Craig, keep your ears and eyes on alert when you’re in that movie theater come December 2015. You mat be excited about the lightsaber fights and starship dogfights, but you have a more important task at hand: find out where Craig is!

SOURCE: The Sun (via Metro)