Fanboys and fangirls, it irritates me that when I got online after viewing an awesome but brief teaser, for a movie that doesn’t even arrive in theaters until late 2015, that I saw so much moaning and groaning about the design of a weapon. It pained me.

First off no, I don’t think that the new lightsaber is terrible. Is it different? Yep, I’ll grant ya that but you know what? it kind of makes a strange amount of sense. The Sith have, more or less, been extinct in the galaxy since the end of Return of the Jedi, where the Force presumably fell into balance with the light side. So when we travel thirty-ish years into the future and there’s a new burgeoning conflict with an inexperienced apprentice at the center piecing together his hilt wouldn’t the design differ from what we know?

From the look of it in the trailer we see a mysterious hooded warrior with an unstable crystal in his elegant construction. A lot of people have assumed that the features springing forth from the sides were indeed just an extension of the weapon but what if they’re merely exhaust ports to keep the blade length in tact? By the mere definition of a laser it’s supposed to be infinite but somehow our heroes and villains found a way to stop it at the perfect height, so this may be a young man or woman figuring out their own way. Going from the potential functionality of the artifact in question that seemed to make the most sense.

Star Wars, by its nature, centers in and around wizards in space. It boasts quite a few planets that carry one topographical feature and yet we moan about the latest lightsaber design… you may commence with the face palming now, and don’t worry it’s not a trap.

We’ve reached that point where honesty rocks, so what do you think? Are more details needed to say yay or nay to the bastard-saber? Do you find yourself wishing The Force would just stay asleep?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Out with the Old