Star Wars Battlefront 3… Is That You?

Ahhhh, Star Wars Battlefront 3. That great “White Wale” of the gaming world. It’s been years since we’ve last seen sure signs of you, but the rumors have started to swell again, and this time… they’re actually legitimate. As we reported a few weeks ago, Spark Unlimited is developing a secret Sci-Fi shooter and no one’s been able to determine what it is. At first, we dismissed this claim as typical rumor and speculation, but it’s really starting to make sense now.

Reportedly a Leaked Photo of a Bounty Hunter Class

The most recent news in this whole SWBF 3 debacle comes to us from the recent Game Developers’ Conference held in San Francisco. While there, Spark Unlimited made a bit of a spectacle by gallivanting around town with an undivulged publisher… which independent sources have confirmed to be LucasArts… as well as their pretty obvious tweets. The Spark crew apparently dined with the Battlefront publishers and then went out for a night of clubbing at a LucasArts themed Infusion Lounge. Check out the tweets below… and take special notice of how close everything is to LucasArts’ head quarters.

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit, all of this seems like a ton of speculation, which it is, but… there’s definitely something going on here. After playing ‘connect the dots’ in this grand mystery, I’ve got to say, it looks like Spark really is making SWB 3. Why am I so sure? Well, if you haven’t been convinced by the evidence thus far, then just check out this teasing tweet that Spark sent out when they refused to confirm whether or not this unannounced title would be showed at E3…

So what do you guys think? Is Battlefront 3 finally going to come out? Or is this just a bunch of silly detective work?

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  • RogueStarkiller

    You know, when you posted the article linking to PlayStationLifestyle, the one in which they did not cite their sources, it was understandable. But now, you post all of this info yourself without citing sources. In case you would like to amend your article by giving the proper people credit you may add the following links: and

    • grpeephole303

      Fancy seeing you here Roguestarkiller Kinda funny that these news sites dont post were they get their info from.

      Hells we have been following it for years without them reporting one word on any of it. Now they do and they claim they found it themselves

      • Steve Lemlek

        Fellas, before we go out and grab the pitchforks, we actually use a special app for our Content Managing System that reports the source of news. So they get the backlinking credit from our site without blemishing the actual article.

        It’s alright!

        • RogueStarkiller

          Ok, thanks for explaining that Steve. Just a little touchy I guess since this happened before. Thanks for posting the info and spreading the word.

  • RogueStarkiller

    In addition, the photo you posted of the bounty hunter is from the cancelled Battlefront 3 project that was being made by FreeRadical. This speculated production on Battlefront 3 is an entirely new project rumored to be being developed by Spark Unlimited. Two separate Battlefront 3 projects.

  • AnObserver

    This magazine had the humility to cite sources, yet you choose to represent yourselves as the scum of the industry.

    “Or is this just a bunch of silly detective work?” (from this sham)

    How. Dare. You.

  • Brent

    I can only hope this is true, I have played battlefront 2 so many times its not funny. Star Wars day(may the 4th be with you) is usually the day any new announcements are made, so all fingers crossed.