More News About Star Wars Battlefront 3

We’ve been in a big fuss the past few weeks as news of the much anticipated sequel Star Wars Battlefront 3 have started to gain traction. Well, it seems like there’s a bit more fuel to throw on the fanboy fire. The proposed developer for the series, Spark Unlimited, has listed an unnamed military title in their planned releases. Now, we’ve actually known that bit for a while, but what might be big news is the fact that Spark has been working with fellow developers Pandemic Studios, or at least their staff (the studio closed in 2009). You know, the makers of the first Battlefront game back in 2004.

This certainly gives a bit more credence to the rumors. And as if that wasn’t enough, here’s some concept art from this ‘untitled project’.

While this could easily be just another generic space-faring FPS, it does look very Star Wars-esque. What do you guys think? Sound off below.

And if you want anymore news on Battlefront 3, make sure you check us out here.

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  • Al2217

    Ya dude thats starwars alright look at the door next to that outerspace looking hallway, that the love to have in every game and movie. Not to mention the walkway with the door above it. S.W.B.F best f@#kin game ever !!!

    • Steve Lemlek

      I hope so!!!

  • RogueStarkiller

    This article is EXTREMELY misleading.

    1. Spark Unlimited is a developer, not a publisher. LucasArts is the rumored publisher.

    2. Spark Unlimited’s website project page DOES NOT list an “unnamed military title”. It has been confirmed to be a sequel to a popular action/adventure sci-fi series.

    3. Spark is NOT working with Pandemic Studios because Pandemic Studios closed in 2009. Ex-Pandemic employees have been hired by Spark to work on their game.

    4. The concept art is NOT from Spark Unlimted’s untitled project. It is from the personal blog of a Spark employee. It is simply the work of a past or personal project of that person as every Spark employee is under a strict, legal binding Non-Disclosure Agreement. If they posted images of their current project, they could be fired.

    I personally believe Spark is making Battlefront 3, but come on guys…

  • brandon northey

    looks more like starwars than anything else !!!!!

  • kimiduck

    those pictures are from one of star wars the force unleashed games (i forget which one) But the scene is where starkiller is on a moving platform with kota.

    • Steve Lemlek

      I’ve heard some conflicting reports but the most decided upon statement is that it’s from a Spark Unlimited employee’s personal concept art, which is being used for an unnannounced shooter

  • Josh

    The concept art is very Force Unleashed-esque. Could easily be the inside of a ship’s hangar… if anything like the combined land/space battles were rumoured, it’d make sense that ships had a large interior. It’s not obviously star wars, but if it’s leaked concept art, then it wouldn’t be, would it ahah

    • Steve Lemlek

      I would agree with you, but apparently this is for some new game