Kevin Smith May Have Written Fake BATMAN V SUPERMAN Script For Warner Bros.

Quite possibly more than any other comic book film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has had a lot of rumors and speculation thrown around concerning its characters and story. There’s been a lot of junk to wade through, but some of it has sounded promising, such as the villains that were recently rumored to appear. However, what if I told you that everything you heard, except for official announcements from Warner Bros. and DC, were all fake? All of it! Well, if this story from Movieweb is correct, Warner Bros. may have taken steps to throw fans of course. It’s ironic stating this, but I’m obligated to mention that the information below about rumors is just a rumor…that felt weird to write.


According to Movieweb, the script that Latino Review got their villain information from, as well as where Badass Digest learned that four lesser know DC heroes might appear, is a fake. How did these news sources get a fake script? Well, according to Movieweb’s source, Warner Bros. commissioned director Kevin Smith to write it. The source, who claims to be affiliated with Warner Bros., sent the website a letter detailing the company’s plans for throwing fans off the scent of what Zack Snyder and the rest of the production crew have planned. Check out a section of the letter below concerning Smith’s work.

Late last year both Charles Roven and Zack Snyder approached Kevin Smith with a early treatment for the film and It was Kevin Smith who came up with the idea to write an entire screenplay based on it but with several huge red herrings and changes which do not appear in the final film. These include plot points and characters etc etc. and ‘leak’ it online. This script was distributed by myself and others to gossip sites and movie sites like aintitcool, latino review, movie pilot, etc etc.

kevin smith batman batsuit

Up until now, Smith has not been officially affiliated with the production, although his connections at DC and Warner Bros. have gotten him bits of insider information, which he’s dropped hints about in interviews and on his podcasts. However, if this information is true, he’s been involved with this for quite some time. I am both angry about this and extremely impressed. Hiring a well-known director who’s a big comic book fan to write a fake script actually has some plausibility to it. After all, Smith is familiar with ally these characters, so he’d know how and where to insert them. These are some serious mind games he and Warner Bros. are playing with us. Now I’m wondering if they hired Jason Momoa to screw with us about Aquaman.

So deviously brilliant...

So deviously brilliant…

Then again, this does seem a bit too conspiratorial. It’s a lot of effort to go through to write a fake script just to throw people off track. Kevin Smith is already busy with other projects, so where would he find the time to write it? Or perhaps the above information is all false? Maybe they’re just releasing this information to get us to dismiss the information that’s already been leaked. Maybe all those plot points and character appearances are all true. Or what if…

This is getting way too Inception for me. I need to lay down and process all this.

SOURCE: Movieweb