Lex Luthor Isn’t Alone. BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Adds Three More Villains

Even before he was announced, many fans suspected that Lex Luthor would be the main antagonist in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and their hunches paid off. Okay, not that much deductive reasoning was required given all the tankers and buildings with LexCorp plastered all over them in Man of Steel.

See? Right there!

See? Right there!

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t some other villains sowing mayhem and discomfort on the side, and if Latino Review’s newest report in any indication, that’s just what we’ll be getting. Keep in mind that the information below should be considered rumors for now. Oh, and right off the back, Metallo and Joker will not be appearing, although the latter may be there in spirit for an “important beat in the upcoming film that pertains to Batman’s past and his character arc.”

First up, Victor Zsasz. Yes, the serial killer who cuts notches into his arm will be fighting Batman early on in Gotham City. Zsasz appeared briefly in Batman Begins played by Tim Booth, but we were only told of his insanity and murders. We never really witnessed the savagery firsthand, so hopefully we’ll get to see this in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.


Next, Morgan Edge. In the comics, Edge is the president of Galaxy Broadcasting System with connections to Intergang. Below is the article’s speculation on what Edge’s role will be in the film and who might play him.

If I was a betting man, I would put money on Scoot McNairy playing this guy. In the movie, Edge is a total slimeball and a public relations exec for Lexcorp. Basically, he’s Lex Luthor’s mouth piece. We meet Edge early on when he goes toe to toe with Lois Lane in a television talk show. In the movie’s backstory, Edge and Luthor were members of the most notorious gangs ever to come out of Hob’s Bay. This is the kind of role that is in McNary’s wheelhouse. I just don’t see McNairy playing Dick Grayson/Nightwing because Grayson is in his mid 20s in the movie and McNairy is 36.


Yes well, I can agree with that. Anyone who thought McNairy was playing Nightwing clearly doesn’t have a good concept on how old Dick Grayson is supposed to be. As for Edge, shifting from television mogul to PR  exec makes sense. Given Luthor’s less-than-warm personality, he’ll have hired someone to make LexCorp look appealing to the public. The gang history is a little unusual, but we already knew that Lex was a dangerous youth, so I guess it’s possible he made some friends along the way…although I expect he had most of them killed later.

Third, we have an assassin named David Cain, who “meets with Luthor’s bodyguard Mercy Graves to set up an assassination.” In the comics, Cain is the father of Cassandra Cain, who would later become Batgirl. I’m curious why they went with Cain. If you’re going to pick an assassin from the DC Universe, why not go with someone like Deadshot or KGBeast? Still, if Cain’s role isn’t that big, they probably want to go with someone that won’t be important later on.


Finally, we are given a bonus. Although she hasn’t “mentioned or officially cast,” Amanda Waller will appear in the film as a “very stern and focused senator with an intimidating presence.” As is typical of her character, she doesn’t trust Superman, and supposedly has a countermeasure against him that the article wouldn’t reveal.


Waller’s inclusion could be bigger than people realize. As most of you know, DC hasn’t been revealing about whether the movies and TV shows will be connected. If this information about Waller is correct, this is an indicator that the films will remain a separate entity. Think about it: this doesn’t sound like ARGUS head Amanda Waller we’ve seen in Arrow. Plus, the article said the character hasn’t been casted yet. If the shows were connected, wouldn’t Cynthia Addai-Robinson play her? Again, none of this information has been verified yet, but this may be the confirmation we’ve been waiting for. Sorry, Grant Gustin fans. It’s looking more likely that The Flash will be played by a different actor.

Aside from Waller, these characters work well as good secondary villains. They’re clear threats, but won’t draw too much attention away from Mark Zucker…I mean Lex Luthor. One thing, though: what is DC’s deal with not wanting to use Superman villains that aren’t Lex Luthor or Zod? Would it have killed them to throw Parasite in there?


SOURCE: Latino Review