SUPERMAN Debuts New Movie Look, And It’s Not Too Different From Before

Sad Batman, meet Sad Superman. Several months ago, Zack Snyder revealed Ben Affleck’s costume for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite being a black-and-white photo with some of the details hard to make out, fans were statisfied to finally see what the Batfleck would look like. Now it’s time for his co-star to shine. In an interview with director Zack Snyder, USA Today has released the first official look of Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel follow-up, and it’s even in color! Check it out.


Look, I can get wanting to make Batman look dark and mysterious, with what’s with the hard rain? Can’t we show Superman in the sun or something like that? He’s supposed to be a shining presence, not standing out in the rain waiting to catch pneumonia. Wait, Kryptonians can’t get sick on Earth. Never mind. Also, he could just be chilling in Gotham City…okay, rant about DC putting one of its brightest superheroes in a depressing setting over.

Now, I’ve never been one for spotting minor differences in superhero costumes. Aside from a slight tweak on the eyes, the costumes in Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 looked the same to me. To be safe though, I consulted with Bader Noami, Unleash the Fanboy’s resident Superman expert, and he pointed out a couple differences from the Man of Steel costume. First off, his belt is square in the center (instead of oval), and the yellow is more prominent and thicker. The suit’s shade of blue may also be different from before, but in the dark lighting it’s hard to tell. There’s also more lines around the belt area, an extra line on his boots (giving them the double M look) and more layering on the chest shield.

However, the most noticeable changes come not from the costume, but from Cavill himself. The hair is combed back in a way that makes his widow’s peak more prominent. It’s also clear that Cavill’s been working out, as much bulkier than he was in the last movie. There’s something peculiar, though: take a look at the picture of his Clark Kent look that was released a couple days ago.


In the above picture, he looks like he did in Man of Steel, but in the Supeman promo image, he looks older and more experienced. Details have suggested that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will take place two years after Zod’s attack. My first guess was that there might be a time jump in the film, but after more consideration, perhaps the lighting in the promo image is deliberately making him look more seasoned. If that’s the case, they did a great job. Superman looks like he aged more in two years than Professor X and Magneto aged in the ten years between X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Well, we have our first looks at Batman and Superman, there’s only one thing left: bring on Wonder Woman!