From The Wild West To Outer Space: Josh Brolin Is THANOS!

Sorry, Vin Diesel conspirators. Marvel has found another high-profile actor to play the Mad Titan. In what is possibly the biggest Marvel villain casting news since James Spader was announced as Ultron, Latino Review has revealed that Josh Brolin will play Thanos in August’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


Briefly played by Damion Poitier at the end of The Avengers, Kevin Feige revealed earlier this year that someone had been cast as the iconic villain. For now, Brolin will only voice Thanos, although it’s possible he may eventually play him through motion capture like Spader is doing for Ultron. The article stated that there’s a scene in Guardians of the Galaxy “with Thanos on a rocket throne in Act 3,” meaning that his role is significant enough that someone would need to voice him.

Now, normally I’d remind everyone that this is just a rumor. Although Latino Review has been on a role with their scoops lately, that doesn’t mean that their stories always pan out. However, Variety and The Wrap have since confirmed the casting announcement. Both publications have also revealed Brolin will play Thanos in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with The Wrap stating that “the character will have a more prominent role in the studio’s ‘Avengers’ sequels, according to one insider.” Unless another publication has other facts to drive a wrecking ball through this story, expect Marvel to make the official announcement soon.

thanos guardians of the galaxy

Brolin’s a great actor, but I for one did not see this coming. Most of my experience with him comes from his Southern and law enforcement roles. I would have never thought of him as an alien warlord who’s out to collect the Infinity Stones. Giving it some thought, though, I think Brolin is a great choice. The guy’s certainly got the talent, and after fighting aliens alongside Will Smith in Men in Black III, it’s a good change of pace to have him as the alien villain fighting the humans.

We’ve seen the Infinity Gauntlet, we’ve witnessed the power of two of the Infinity Stones, and now we know who will be playing the warlord that will hunt them  down to achieve ultimate power. Avengers, you’ve got a world of hurt coming your way!

thanos guardians of the galaxy scene

SOURCE: Latino Review