Marvel Picks BOARDWALK EMPIRE Star To Play Daredevil

We may have had a brief scare with the changing of showrunners over the weekend, but the Daredevil show is still on track, and now we know who will be donning the crimson costume (no, it’s not Michael C. Hall). Originally reported by Latino Review, it was later confirmed by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter that Charlie Cox will play Matt Murdock in the 13 episode online series. True to form, Marvel made the official announcement several hours and also gave the official title for the 2015 show: Marvel’s Daredevil. Predictable, but effective.


Cox is an alumnus of Boardwalk Empire, and is also known for his appearances in Stardust and the miniseries Moby Dick. Marvel’s Daredevil will be the first of four Marvel properties to air on Netflix, followed by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. This will culminate in the heroes teaming up in a Defenders miniseries.


When I first saw this guy, I thought he looked too young for the part, but it turns out he’s 31! He ages well. I haven’t seen any of his work, so hopefully he has the chops for The Man Without Fear. He’s appeared in plenty of TV projects, so he’ll probably do alright. If only his hair was redder.


With San Diego Comic-Con coming up, we’ll probably be learning who the other characters in the main cast will be. Foggy Nelson? Karen Page? Elektra? Kingpin? Bullseye? The Owl? Man, Daredevil has a big supporting cast. Who do you want to see appear, and what do you think of Cox being cast? Let us know in the comments below!

SOURCE: Marvel