Drew Goddard Leaves DAREDEVIL, Steven DeKnight Takes the Reins

Someone else has joined Edgar Wright in his exodus from a Marvel Studios project. It was reported today by Latino Review that Drew Goddard (Lost, World War Z) has left his role as show runner for Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series Daredevil. However, unlike Wright, Goddard isn’t leaving due to creative differences. Instead, he’s focusing his attention on writing and directing the upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film Sinister Six. Goddard, who wrote the first two episodes, will remain an executive producer on the series.


Not to worry though, fans of The Man Without Fear. Marvel already has someone new to take over. Steven DeKnight, Spartacus creator and Angel alumnus, has been officially announced as the new show runner and executive producer. Daredevil is still on track to begin filming this summer.


Goddard’s departure might raise a red flag among some (especially with the Wright news still fresh), but this isn’t that big of a deal. Running a TV show and writing and directing a movie would have run the guy ragged, and if he has to choose one, he’s going to choose the big feature film. I would have preferred he stuck with ol’ Horn Head, but that’s only because I’m not too keen on Sony attempting to tell a redemption story for Spider-Man villains.

As for DeKnight, his success with fantasy-type shows may serve him well leading Daredevil. Although, since his only super hero before this was Smallville, that may already be a notch against him in the minds of some fans.

SOURCE: Latino Review and Marvel