5 Things You Should Know about BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT

Today, like the Batman himself, news about his latest game appears out of nowhere to shock and awe us! Game Informer has just revealed its cover for the newest (and final) addition to the game series, called Batman: Arkham Knight. Original Arkham developers Rocksteady Studios are the masterminds behind this game, finally showing us what they’ve been working on for the past three years. Even though a ‘Brave and the Bold’ style game isn’t coming out like we thought, I’m infinitely more excited about what we’re getting instead. Here’s what we know already about the game through news blurbs and watching the trailer, which you can watch here!



batmanarkhamknight_gothamcityMultiple sources have stated that Batman: Arkham Knight is set after the events of Batman: Arkham City. Apparently the city hasn’t been doing so well since then. The trailer starts with Scarecrow telling Gotham City it needs to be evacuated or he’ll show its citizens all “their worst fears.” I’m definitely seeing a nod to Batman Begins, where the people will tear the city and themselves apart from fear. Also, I’m glad that the prophecy made by Azrael in Arkham City may just be coming true. If you haven’t played the game (which I find hard to believe), just know that the phrase “Gotham will burn” is in there. Just like previous games, the streets will most likely be empty of regular citizens to streamline your advancement, but I’m hoping some are left around so we have someone to actually save from the criminals. And speaking of which…


batmanarkhamknight_two-face_penguin_harleyAs with all superheroes, the villains make the hero. There’s no question that Batman has one of the most recognizable rogues’ galleries in comics and Rocksteady has done a phenomenal job transferring them into the video game genre. So far, we know the main villains in the game are Two Face, Harley Quinn, and The Penguin, all taking advantage of the chaos caused by The Scarecrow. I’m counting on Rocksteady to put anywhere from 5-10 more villains in Batman: Arkham Knight but I’m glad with whom they’ve brought back so far. Also, thanks to next gen systems, the bad guys have never looked so good. Two Face looks almost like a brunette Aaron Eckhart while Penguin resembles a distorted Bob Hoskins. Harley Quinn (who apparently has gotten over the death of her ‘puddin’) looks great, rocking an outfit that combines her costumes from both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I’m sure a lot of gamers are upset that the game is only on next-gen systems, but if the characters look as good during gameplay as in the trailer, I’ll pick an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 without hesitation.


batmanarkhamknight_batsuitWhere would Batman be without his iconic suit? Most likely, he’d be dead. Seriously, that suit and the gadgets that come with it have saved Bruce Wayne’s life more than he and we can count. Fans can expect him to pull out all the stops this time around, as he’s seen donning a more heavily armored suit like ones seen in the previous game’s ‘Armored Editions’. Looking like a combination of the batsuit in Arkham Asylum and Injustice: Gods Among Us, this new suit looks intimidating enough without someone in it. I expect players to feel like they can take a punch from Superman in this outfit, much less people like Scarecrow and Two-Face. Plus, it’ll be interesting to see what old and new gadgets our hero will be carrying to combat what looks like Gotham’s ultimate threat. I expect Batman to even carry shark repellent (Batman fan joke) for what’s in store for him.


Batmobile batcaveFor all the gamers and fanboys who wanted the drive the Batmobile in previous games, your prayers have been answered! Rocksteady’s uniquely designed version of the Batmobile is drivable for the first time in the franchise. That’s right, no more fast travel system (which we all know was kind of a cop out by Warner Bros. Games Montreal) for this game. Players will finally get the chance to tear through the streets of Gotham City in what looks like the most impressive Batmobile to date. I know a lot people think the Tumbler from Batman Begins is the most badass, but let’s not kid ourselves. If you need more convincing, click here to get a better look at it. Expect to see a lot of Grand Theft Auto style driving on YouTube if players are given complete freedom in this aspect of the game. Let’s just hope there are no hookers and drug dealers to run over.


batmanarkhamknight_eyesSince word has gotten out that this will be the final installment of the game series made by Rocksteady, expect everything to be the best you’ve seen from previous titles. Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill says that in this game, “Batman is at the very peak of his powers.” In response to ending the franchise, Hill adds “We kind of feel this is the natural end to the story. We really want to go out in style.” With the years of momentum on their side, I don’t think anyone expects them to finish the series half-assed. I fully expect Rocksteady to put the nail on the coffin explaining why Batman is as legendary today as he was 75 years ago.