Rocksteady Returns for Arkham Series Finale in BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT

The kings are back. After WB Montreal served up a passable if average serving of Batman goodness last year with Arkham Origins, original series developers Rocksteady Studios have returned for a final installment of the Arkham series – Batman: Arkham Knight!

Taking place roughly a year after the cataclysmic (we won’t spoil because we’re nice, but suffice to say the proverbial hit the fan) events of Arkham CityArkham Knight sees Batman go up against another helping of his greatest foes, spearheaded by absent-last-time Scarecrow (see, those weird messages on the boat did mean something)! It also features an open-world Gotham City, hopefully a little less dull this time, and most excitingly, a driveable Batmobile. Yes, you can finally discover what it it’s like to be Batman as you take out a lamppost and crash head-on into a police blockade.

You can see the debut trailer for Arkham Knight below:

There’s also some snazzy box art for the game, also revealing that the traditional pre-order bonus extra character (Arkham City had Catwoman, Arkham Origins had Deathstroke) is Joker’s lackey/girlfriend Harley Quinn. Take a look below:


Batman: Arkham Knight hits shelves this autumn for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (so, if you needed a reason to buy a next-gen console, here it is). According to Gamestop, it’ll be hitting on October 14 but that’s unconfirmed right now.