THE X-FILES is BACK, Baby!!!



Earlier this year, it was officially confirmed that The X-Files would be returning to our screens in a special six-part miniseries. The sci-fi show that truly kickstarted a renewed interest in aliens and all the mystery surrounding them dominated the 90’s, but eventually fizzled out with a lackluster conclusion and two mixed-to-negatively-received movies, the last being I Want to Believe in 2008. Since then, fans had been clamouring for another movie or revival, and it’s finally been given to us, with Fox debuting some concrete footage!

Two promos were aired last night during Gotham and Minority Report respectively. Watch an edited version of ’em below!

I haven’t seen the entirety of The X-Files (only a handful of episodes, actually) but I feel a weird connection to it. Growing up I held a deep interest in the supernatural and alien life, often reading books on Bigfoot or Nessie or whatever, eventually evolving into consumption of movies and TV shows like Signs and Lost. There’s something incredibly evocative about the unknown and there’s so much to play around with, and I always thought that X-Files is the ultimate example of something like that. One of my earliest memories of it was actually watching Mulder and Scully appear on The Simpsons (y’know, the one with Leonard Nimoy and creepy Mr. Burns)!

One day I’ll get around to watching everything, but it’s such a daunting task that it probably won’t be anytime soon. However, I’ll definitely be watching the revival!

The X-Files returns in January on Sunday the 24th. If you’re heading to New York Comic-Con next month then you can watch the first episode there at their panel – lucky bastards.