Six episodes, and six stories.  That is what creator Chris Carter is promising fans.  With Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny returning this is a true return of the cult series.  Talk had been getting pretty strong over the last year, but many fans remained skeptical as Carter and Duchovny have been speaking about the series non stop since the last movie.  Will this mini series lead to a revamped series?  I do not care.  Will the series be any good?  I am personally confident it will, but I enjoyed the ninth season up until the finale(one of the worst episodes of the series) as well as the last theatrical outing,  I Want to Believe.  A rushed script is always my greatest concern, and I willing to bet Chris Carter has this thing completely written at this point.  Production begins this summer, with no release date as of yet.


If you can’t wait to get back into the series it is streaming on most platforms.  And if you don’t have time for nine seasons and two films we have you covered here at UTF.  Click here for a list of twelve can’t miss episodes.  Drop me a line below if I missed one of your favorites.



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