TEEN TITANS GO! “Knowledge” Review

Knowledge is very important. But can too much knowledge be harmful? Teen Titans Go! attempts to tell us!

Starfire (Hynden Walch), like usual, has trouble understanding Earth customs and lingo. This is distressing for her, but the male Titans tell her its fine; after all, the dumber someone is, the more fun they are! And if someone is too knowledgeable, like Raven (Tara Strong), they become a “bummer”!

Starfire doesn’t care, though, and begs Raven to make her smarter. Raven agrees, but after losing patience, decides to use dark magic to directly beam knowledge into Starfire’s brain. At first, this seems to work wonderfully….but when Starfire becomes too much of a bummer, the Titans must defeat her and the evil force making her smarter!

TTG Bummer 3

This is maybe the best Starfire episode of the series. That’s high praise, since I greatly enjoyed the previous one. Starfire misunderstanding terminology and taking phrases too literally reminded me of Drax from the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film. There is also lots of laughs that come from Raven trying to teach Starfire.

But most of the best stuff comes after Starfire becomes a “bummer”. Hynden Walch is great as a more snooty Starfire. The glasses are a nice touch too. And when the Titans have to literally go inside Starfire’s head, the episode gets absurdly hilarious. The confrontation with the evil magic must be seen to be believed.

If I have to nit-pick, Beast Boy and Cyborg are still very annoying, and the ending zinger isn’t as good as previous ones, but mostly, nothing to complain about at all. Go watch!

TTG Bummer 2

  • Very funny throughout
  • Hynden Walch nails smart, stuck-up Starfire
  • Climax is crazy in a good way
  • Beast Boy and Cyborg are idiots
  • The ending joke is ok, I guess