We’re up to the first episode of Teen Titans Go‘s second season, guys! Spoilers! Can the episode get past the dumb name?

Starfire (Hynden Walch) is when her beloved older sister Blackfire (also Walch) arrives on Earth for a visit (and to escape the police). However, the other Titans are less than pleased, seeing as how Blackfire has a reputation for ALWAYS manipulating her younger sibling. Blackfire assures them that she has no motive….and then arranges it so that the police arrest Starfire.

I went in worried, because the episode title was, well, pretty lame. I left happily surprised, this was the funniest episode in a loooong time! Fans of the original cartoon are also in for a treat, since this episode is almost a parody of some of the events. Starfire here is less naive than in the original, and Blackfire actually has some decency in her, which leads to funny results.


Starfire and Blackfire’s interactions, especially after they both get impromptu character development is hilarious and even a little brutal (and you thought the Man of Steel climax was destructive). Blackfire also has some scenes with the other Titans, as they try to make her a better sister, and when Blackfire openly flirts with poor Robin (Scott Menville), which ends up earning the show’s TV-PG rating. Blackfire has no shame!

Hynden Walch does a great job voicing both sisters. You almost couldn’t even tell its the same actress!

So, season 2 is off to a strong start so far! I hope the rest of the episodes can be as good as this one!


  • Starfire and Blackfire interaction
  • Epic fight scene
  • Witty script
  • Voice acting
  • Lame episode title