SIN CITY Actress Slices Her Way Into ARROW As Katana

Another DC superhero is getting the Arrow treatment. Deadline is reporting that model Devon Aoki, best known as Miho in Sin City, has been cast in a recurring guest role for season 3 as Tatsu Yamashiro, better known in the comic books as Katana. Yamashiro is described as “one of Oliver’s mentors in the flashbacks and a critical influence on his journey to eventually become The Arrow of present day.” She was revealed to be a character several weeks ago, although she was listed under the pseudonym “Akiko.”


Katana is the fourth superhero to appear on Arrow after Huntress, Black Canary and a pre-Flash Barry Allen. However, unlike these characters, Yamashiro will be appearing in flashbacks alongside her husband, who is tentatively named “Toshi.” Both will be Oliver’s mentors in Hong Kong, and if the show draws heavily from the comic books, her husband’s fate is already sealed.

In the comics, Tatsu Yamashiro marries a man named Maseo. His brother, who also loved Tatsu, grew enraged, and after joining the Yakuza, came back years later and killed his brother with the sword Soultaker. Adding insult to injury, he also burned Maseo and Tatsu’s house, where their kids were trapped. Tatsu was able to disarm Takeo, but it was too late. Her husband and children were already dead. However, Takeo’s soul now inhabited Soultaker. Training to be a samurai, Tatsu soon took the codename Katana and would become a prominent member of the Justice League, Birds of Prey and Outsiders.


It’s unlikely Arrow will show the mystical properties of the sword, since they’re still remaining largely in the world of enhanced realism. However, it’s a good bet that Tatsu’s husband will be killed during the season, possibly as a result of saving Oliver from something. Let’s be honest, he may know how to fight, but past Oliver still isn’t nearly as useful as his present-day self. Whatever happens, Tatsu will take vengeance with her sword and truly earn the name Katana. Who knows, may she’ll pull a Slade Wilson and show up in the present-day events.

Now, let’s get some confirmation on those other mystery characters they announced. People are waiting to find out whether their Ted Kord predictions are correct…which they probably are.

SOURCE: Deadline