ARROW Season 3 Villain Sounds All Sorts of Creepy

Almost two weeks ago, TV Line released descriptions for four characters who will be introduced in the next season of Arrow. Among these descriptions was a handsome technological entrepreneur named Daniel (which is probably a throwaway name since he sounds a lot like Ted Kord) as well as Toshi and Akiko, a husband and wife team who will appear in Oliver’s Hong Kong flashbacks. There was also a description for a villain named Seth, a well-educated criminal who gains power over his enemies by exposing them to a drug that drains their willpower. Going off that info, my best guess was that “Seth” is a Scarecrow who’s been hitting the gym. Hey, it’s valid.


Well, Matt Mitovich at TV Line has released more information on this mystery villain. There’s still no name, but we have a better feel for his personality.

‘Member the “Seth” guy I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well, the casting for that role has since been tweaked, and he is now described as a “shade of a man” with a quiet intensity, a “criminal mastermind who whistles classical music” as he goes about his devious business. There’s also talk of him having “reptilian eyes.” Whomever he is, he will be the Big Bad for the season opener.

“A big bad for the season opener.” This probably means that while he’s the introductory villain, he won’t be the main antagonist throughout season 3. Like with season 2, they introduced Brother Blood as the first villain, but Deathstroke was revealed to be the mastermind of the evil scheme. Whatever his role in next season’s story is, this guy exemplifies why we don’t walk down dark alleys at night. He’s taking a page right out of the classic German film M.

The key descriptions for “Seth” are “shade of a man” and “reptilian eyes.” These could just be general characteristics, but it’s much more fun to take them literally. DC’s most well-known shady character is The Shade, a Starman villain who can manipulate shadows. While Arrow has delved into superpowers with the Mirakuru and setting up The Flash, I doubt they’d introduce a character who can straight up make a room dark with his mind. If The Shade is adapted, he may just be a guy who likes to strike at night…like most criminals.


The other possibility is someone more snake themed, given his reptilian eyes. Copperhead, Kobra and King Snake are all possibilities, although given Arrow’s “heightened reality” world (compared to The Flash that is), their snake gimmicks may have to be toned down. Kobra would be especially cool if they introduce the aptly named organization at some point.


So here’s what we have: a shady, intelligent guy with reptilian eyes who drugs people in coercion. Okay, I’m going to go with a Scarecrow/Kobra hybrid. I know, it’s a lame guess, but if you have your own ideas, let us know in the comments below.