SDCC: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Trailer is Better Than its Parent Show

fear the walking dead banner

Straight after The Walking Dead panel yesterday in which a new trailer was premiered came the panel for the spin-off-prequel, Fear The Walking Dead. At the end of that article we promised we would cover whatever news came out of the panel – okay, it’s a little late, but we got there.

A new trailer for the show was revealed, aaannddd… it’s good. Like, really good. So good that I might actually watch it. I’ve professed my disillusionment with its parent show many times in the past, and while that show’s Season 6 trailer was interesting it definitely wasn’t enough to rope me back in. This trailer accomplished what the other couldn’t. Watch it below…

This show looks to have a very cinematic feel as it actually looks like something which could be screened in the cinema (unlike The Walking Dead which reeks of TV), although that’s mostly down to differing aspect ratios. The cinematography is a lot more interesting and the trailer did a good job of building the tension of an incoming zombie apocalypse. It was also pretty accurate; if this were to happen in the real world then it would start with viral videos.

There’s a lot of material to play with in this story. I can’t recall if there has ever been a TV series which adapted the beginning of a zombie apocalypse as all I can think of are movies about it. TV allows the story to be told with much more care and precision rather than rushing it, and it looks as if the whole arc will be a slow burn through the season. I think I’m gonna give this a looksie.

Fear The Walking Dead airs August 23rd on AMC. If you’re in the UK, then apparently it’s some time in September ‘exclusively for BT customers’. Ugh. I have Sky.