SDCC: Zombies! Zombies! More Zombies! New Trailer for THE WALKING DEAD

The Walking Dead‘s Comic-Con panel is just wrapping up, and there they let loose a ton of news about the new season, including a brand-spankin’-new trailer and a premiere date! The show will be back on October 11th with a 90-minute premiere – yup, a whole extra 45 minutes of brain splattering and slicin-nd-dicin’ zombies. Check out the trailer!

The trailer above is Fox-centric because that’s the channel it airs on internationally (well, here in the UK at least), and AMC are so kind as to make all of their videos only viewable in America. Now THAT’S patriotism!

Now, I haven’t actually watched The Walking Dead since Season 4, at which point I decided enough was enough and moved on to other TV. Subsequently, I had no idea that Morgan was back and playing such an integral role in the new season, and that’s actually really cool. I always thought that character was pretty badass and complex so it’s great to see him back. As for the rest of the trailer? Well, it looked sufficiently dark and the zombie action was good as always, but I still don’t think it’s enough to rope me back in. Sorry AMC – I’m not gonna be your zombie whore anymore.

The panel’s done-and-dusted now, but Fear The Walking Dead is taking the stage momentarily. That’s right – the zombies just keep on coming! *shudders*

The Walking Dead will be back this October with the aforementioned huge 90-minute season premiere. If you’re absolutely dying (heh) for more zombie action for now, then don’t worry – you have the spin-off to tide you over, as well as 71 episodes available for rewatch. Yay. Stay tuned to UTF for the news coming out of the next zombie-fied panel, unless there isn’t any, in which case this little tag was completely useless.