Plastique To Make Explosive Entrance On THE FLASH

Captain Cold may be keeping things cool in episode 4 of The Flash (sorry, had to do it), but another character soon be heating things up, and it’s not Firestorm or Heatwave. TV Line has revealed that Sgt. Bette Sans Souchi, better known as Plastique, will be appearing sometime during the season. Here is her character description:

The series’ incarnation of the metahuman is a fetching young redhead who was a bomb specialist with the Army before she was injured by an IED in Iraq. Since being exposed to the Central City explosion, she can turn any object into a bomb with just a touch of her hand – not a bad comrade for The Flash to have on his team, eh?


Season 1 of NBC’s Heroes asked the question “How do you stop an exploding man?”. Well, it looks like the Scarlet Speedster will be asking himself how to stop a woman who can make anything explode. In the comics, Plastique is an adversary of Captain Atom and Firestorm. With Robbie Amell appearing as Ronnie Raymond, perhaps a fiery confrontation is on the horizon? She’s also been a member of the Suicide Squad in the comics, so that could hint to her future recruitment in the series. Her previous TV appearances include a recurring role on Smallville and as a member of Task Force X on Justice League Unlimited.

What puzzles me is that last sentence. A comrade? Either the series is going in a completely different direction with her, or the writer doesn’t know that she’s a villain. If it’s the former, perhaps it will be one of those bad-guy-turned-good-guys stories? If it’s the latter, well, we have Wikipedia for a reason.