THE FLASH Heats Things Up Adding Robbie Amell As Firestorm

Like its predecessor, The Flash isn’t content sticking with only Flash-family characters. No, they’re reaching into other corners of the DC Universe to expand their cast, and a few of them are very…elemental characters. First was Caitlin Snow, better known in the New 52 as Killer Frost, and now things are sizzling up with the announcement that Robbie Amell (Arrow star Stephen Amell’s cousin) will recur on the series as Ronnie Raymond, a.k.a Firestorm. He will make his debut in Episode 3.


Wait, there’s a twist! As many of you read from Snow’s character description, her husband died in the particle accelerator explosion. Well, Raymond is said husband. That’s right, in typical comic book fashion, death is not the final destination, only a door to something bigger. Raymond is described as a S.T.A.R. Labs maintenance worker who “plays an integral part in the particle accelerator accident that transforms Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) into the titular speedster.” Amell recently appeared on The Tomorrow People, which was cancelled after its first season.


If you’re on this site, chances are you already know who Firestorm is, but let’s go over the basics just in case. Firestorm, a.k.a the Nuclear Man, is a combination of two people to make one individual that is able to transmute inorganic (and sometimes organic) matter. These power also allow him to regenerate easily and go without water and food. When the two individuals combine into Firestorm, one is the in control of the body while the other is still in the body, but offers advice while the “driver” fights. One setback with these powers is that the “driver” has to know the chemical composition of an element if he wants to transmute it into that.


For most of his history, Firestorm was a combination of college student Ronnie Raymond and his professor Martin Stein after they were caught in a nuclear accident. In the years after Ronnie’s death, Jason Rusch took over as the new Firestorm. In the New 52, teenaged versions of Ronnie and Jason form together to make Firestorm. While DC’s CW shows to take inspiration from New 52 elements, it would make more sense to have Raymond and Stein as Firestorm in The Flash if they decide to go the two-person route. After all, Stein’s a scientist, so it’s likely he was one of the project members working on the particle accelerator.

More importantly, introducing Firestorm adds an unique twist to the show. In the comics, Firestorm’s arch nemesis is Killer Frost, who is constantly trying to absorb all of his energy. Caitlin Snow may be one of Barry Allen’s allies right now, but there’s a damn good chance her life will take a…chilling turn (had to do it). C’mon, there’s no way they named her that by accident. She has to become a villain at some point! Anyway, it will be interesting to see husband and wife eventually turned against each other, with Flash stuck in the middle of their lovers quarrel.


The heat is on! Okay, bad puns are over now.