New Eternals Footage LEAK – Description from Comic Con Experience

So this weekend the Comic Con Experience convention came to Brazil. Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel STudios presented some pretty awesome stuff, including a ton of new footage for Black Widow which we talked about in part yesterday, just click that link above if you want to see it.

One of the biggest things to be shown was some awesome new Eternals footage. So I’d like to tell you the full description for that.

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Alright, onto this Eternals footage. This comes to us from Reddit user IronMan1907. He states…

“Barry Keoghan opens doors to what looks like a training camp. He finds part of The Eternals reunited with Richard Madden at the front. He stares at them and says “ Welcome. Feel at home . ” The preview then alternates several images of the Eternals scattered around different parts of the world, all with a sacred or magnanimous appearance. They all appear together in uniform, apparently led by Salma Hayek . In alternating scenes and glimpses, they gather around a bonfire, and Angelina Jolie appears lit by the fire. Salma Hayek appears riding. The scenes seem to alternate in many different cultures around the globe, but there is one character who appears several times alone and is definitely a mysterious highlight of the previous: Gemma Chan. When they all come together on the beach, Chan clasps Lia McHugh in what appears to be a solemn act. The preview ends with Salma Hayek saying “These people have changed us. We need to protect them. ” Barry is playing Druid who is a Deviant. There is a romantic relationship between Ikaris and Sersi. Kumail was seen dancing on a Bollywood number in the footage .”

So what do you guys think? I’m not really sure what type of tone this film is setting. The Eternals could swing in the direction of Atlas Shrugged, which was a melodramatic flashback and flashforward movie, or something a lot darker, like Highlander. Actually, when I think about it, this actually sounds a bit like Wonder Woman. You know, in that sense that there are gods walking among us, pushing civilization towards their own goals. Much the same way that Ares did in that flick.

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