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Does Red Guardian Live or Die? BLACK WIDOW MOVIE SPOILERS

Does Red Guardian live or die in the upcoming Black Widow movie? Stay tuned to find out more Black Widow Spoilers.

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Alright, Red Guardian time! BTW, we wrote an in depth piece on the changes you can expect between the comic and movie version, you can check it out by clicking this link to Red Guardian comic book movie changes.

The Black Widow trailer has barely been out for more than a few days, and we’ve already seen the internet become inundated with hundreds of articles dissecting every last scene of that video. . There’s Just so much to dive into, and every little nugget is a precious tiny sliver of what we can expect in Marvel Studios’ Phase 4.

But with all of that hard work trying to score some major scoops. Leaks, and spoilers, there’s been a few sad tidbits that have surfaced.

According to a recent potential leak, which has been running a few rounds in the popular geeky periodicals online, Red Guardian may or may not live in the upcoming flick. . I feel like this is obviously spoilery news, but if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m going to lay down some massive leaks on you. . Turn around if you don’t want your Black Widow movie going experience spoiled.

Alright, so according to this leak Red Guardian will meet a fate quite like he did in the comics. . For those of you who aren’t familiar with this Soviet version of Captain America, he was killed in an altercation involving Captain America, Black Widow, and a trigger happy villain with a gun. . Alexei Shostakov, aka Red Guardian, was fatally wounded when he was defending those two heroes from a Chinese villain, Colonel Ling. .

In his on screen death, this leak reports that Red Guardian will die in a confrontation with Taskmaster. Which… really sucks. . David Harbour is just an insanely awesome actor, and his portrayal of everyone from Hopper on Stranger Things to HellBoy in… well, you guessed it… Hellboy has been top notch.

Like I said in one of my previous videos this week, I really hoped that Red Guardian would stick around for years to come. . We’re very obviously getting a Dark Avengers movie at some point with Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross at the helm, so including heroes like Red Guardian alongside potential others like Abomination, Baron Zemo, and Justin Hammer would make so much sense.

Again, this is a potential leak, so we’ll have to hope that things change between now and then film’s premier. . What do you guys think? . Let me know in the comments below. And if you want to get your hands on an awesome PS4, remember to subscribe, like, and comment. . Catch you next time.