New DOCTOR WHO Trailer Has Daleks, a Dragon and Chewbacca

At least I think it’s a dragon. C’mon, look at it! It’s basically Drogon.

doctor who series 9 trailer dragon

A month ago, the first trailer for the ninth series of Doctor Who dropped at Comic-Con, and it was absolutely fucking awesome. The show actually looked cinematic for once, the stories all looked exciting and there was a very strong buzz surrounding it. Earlier, the BBC debuted another trailer, which isn’t as good but it’s still pretty spectacular. Check it out!

There’s lots to see here; more Missy, Zygons, monsters, Arya, Daleks and space vikings that all look very cool. Whereas the last trailer set up the tone and style for the new series, this was very much focused on the new and old monsters that we’re gonna meet, and judging from the designs I think there’ll be more than one kid out there having trouble sleeping after the episode!

Interestingly, there’s a split-second shot featuring Missy where you can make out a Dalek eyestalk. This could mean that we’re seeing them work together – which hasn’t happened in years – but more importantly it means that the opening two-parter (The Magician’s Apprentiece/The Witch’s Familiar) is all about the Daleks. They’ve got gold Daleks, classic Daleks, the Supreme Dalek – and from the looks of it, Skaro. This is where we get into spoiler territory.

doctor who series 9 skaro

A few months ago, The Mirror published a big spoiler piece on the Doctor Who premiere where they revealed that it would be partly set on Skaro, with the episodes inspired by a line dropped by the Fourth Doctor in Genesis of the Daleks.

“If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?”

That child in question is Davros, the creator of the Daleks, who we last saw screaming at David Tennant in Journey’s End. Supposedly, the TARDIS takes the Doctor to a battlefield (which we saw in the first trailer) and he ends up face-to-face with mini-Davros. He’s then held captive on Skaro in an effort to save the dying race. It was revisited briefly in the rebooted series in Asylum of the Daleks, however this would be the first time that the planet has been explored in depth since the 80’s. We also know that Missy comes to Clara seeking her help, so it could be that she learns about the Doctor’s predicament somehow and they travel to Skaro to save him, which would certainly be an interesting way to kick off the season.

At the time a lot of sites dismissed it as tabloid rubbish, but if all the evidence seems to match up… well, I think we may have our opening plot.

Last season saw the Doctor struggling with whether he was a good man or not and that theme would clearly be continued in this storyline. Could he do it? Could he really kill a child, and if so would it be worth it? The likely scenario is that he won’t, but with this show you never know. There are going to be hordes of angry fans either way.

Doctor Who materialises back on our screens September 19th, starring Chewbacca!

doctor who series 9 maisie williams chewbacca