SDCC: Daleks! Rock Star Doctor! Arya Stark? New DOCTOR WHO Trailer!

peter capaldi doctor who trailer

Holy shitballs.

Just before yesterday’s Doctor Who panel began at Comic-Con, the BBC sent out this tweet:

We have a release date! September 19th! Huzzah! But wait… what’s that video? Well, it’s a brand-spankin’ new trailer for Doctor Who Series 9!!

This may be hyperbolic, but I think this is the best trailer the show has ever produced.

You’ll notice that the aspect ratio is different to previous seasons, giving it a much more cinematic feel which really does wonders. On top of that the actual content is great; very mysterious, dark and forboding (with some wonderful, scary monsters by the looks of it!) but at the same time it has an epic tone. Technically, the show has never been better by the looks of it.

One thing I worry about year after year as a Whovian is about what’s gonna happen in the next season. When you have a show like Doctor Who which has been going on for so long you worry that they’ll start to run out of ideas, and each year I’m pleasantly relieved that I was wrong. The sheer number of stories you can tell is likely in the infinite region due to the groundwork of the show laid down back in the 1960’s. The only part of the trailer I didn’t like was Maisie Williams’ introduction; she’s clearly some mysterious character from the Doctor’s past, but the scene didn’t appear entirely convincing and her acting was quite wooden, which I know she’s better than because I’ve seen every episode of Game of Thrones at least twice. I imagine it was cobbled together from a much longer sequence, but I shall withhold proper judgement until the new series begins.

I’m now feeling pretty good about this new series. If you’re not then we advise you seek medical attention immediately (what’s that? A different opinion? Get outta’ here). Doctor Who is back with a bang and a Missy on September 19th.