Kid Turns Entire School into Star Wars Fanboys

Are you prepared for one of the most heart warming stories of 2012? Well, alright then… here it is.

The tyke in the video is Matthew, and not too long ago he was diagnosed with Leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation reached out to the little guy in order to fulfill his one biggest dream. Now, the organization is used to typical stuff, like paying for trips to Disney World or getting ahold of celebrities. In this case, the wish was a little more daunting. Matthew wanted a gigantic, driveable R2-D2 from, you guessed it, the Star Wars universe.

Well, a company by the name of Little Mountain Productions was able to create this amazing contraption, and they presented it to Matthew in the middle of an elaborate High School Assembly filled with Jedi and Sith (or at least students dressed like them). Check out this amazingly heart-warming video below:

If you want to help someone like Matthew, make sure you visit Make-A-Wish Foundation for more information.