Darth Vader Strikes Back in Volkswagen Promo

There’s nothing quite as awesome as watching George Lucas sell out classic Star Wars characters for some shameless promotional purpose. I’m not being facetious, either. Just think about it…all of these witty, funny commercials featuring Jedi and Sith have some of the best scenes since the Original Trilogy. Some of you might consider that statement as an attack on the Prequels, which it certainly is, but I just find these Star Wars commercials to be really, really awesome…for lack of a better word.

For example, check out this new Volkswagen promo featuring a very grumpy Darth Vader in the nostalgia filled Mos Eisley Cantina footage (don’t get worried if you only see a dog for the first minute, the Wars doesn’t hit for a while).

Now, if only they featured my favorite intra-galactic smuggler, Han Solo…then I’d actually have to buy one of these ridiculously overpriced cars.