DIESELPUNK CAPTAIN AMERICA Suit Makes Better Sense Than Super-Soldier Serum

Project Arbiter

Project Arbiter – a new short fan film set in Poland 1943 asks the question of what would happen if there wasn’t a super-soldier serum for Captain America to gouge himself on. The answer it comes up with is surprisingly very simple and very cool – just build him a badass suit.

“Dieselpunk” is different from “Steampunk” in that rather than utilizing steam-powered gears, gold-plated guns and glass thingamajigs, it instead utilizes petroleum and diesel-based fuels to power their doohickeys.

Project Arbiter

Built like a more realistic and gritty sci-fi version of Captain America, the suit can protect him from bullets and allow him to turn invisible so he can infiltrate a secret Nazi hideout that is located in – you guessed it – a random-ass villa located in the middle of nowhere. This Captain America can even speak German.

Let us know what you think, does this sci-fi version of Captain America hold up against the traditional red, white and blue super-soldier we all know and love?

Project Arbiter is written and directed by Michael Chance and starring all these awesome people:

Joe Colburn: Lex Cassar
Tom Hardy: Jake Lyall
Dr. Ernst von Reiner: Tim Coyne
Lieutenant-Colonel Heinrich: William Charlton
Ulrich: Andrew Dillon
Fritz: Artem Mishin
Pilot Walter: Zachary Gossett
Co-Pilot Toby: Zak Waters
Krystyna: Terra Flowers