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SDCC: Congratulations EISNER AWARD Winners!

The Eisner Awards are the comic book industry’s Oscars or Grammys. They are how comic book professionals know that they are awesome and every year the winners are announced at San Diego Comic-Con in a ceremony that is attended by, like, a lot of people. We don’t know how many but we’re told it’s a […]

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MARVEL Gets New Web Series All About COSPLAY

Marvel launched a new web series today called Marvel Method: Cosplay that is all about how to make a costume, what steps to go through and anything else about the hobby that has captivated millions of convention go-ers with their spandex and foam weapons. The web series is hosted by Judy Stephens (associate producer at […]

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CATWOMAN Gets New Direction & New Creative Team

DC Entertainment announced through io9 that Catwoman will be getting an entirely new direction, along with a new creative team that includes Nebula Award nominated writer Genevieve Valentine and artist Garry Brown, starting with Catwoman #35 this October 22nd. “Spinning out of the events in Batman Eternal,” DC says that Selina will be undergoing a […]

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SUPERFANS IN THE FORTRESS: Maxwell Yezpitolek talks SUPERMAN ’86 to ’99

Welcome to the first part in a series of interviews with creative artists, bloggers and podcasters from the Superman and Superfamily fandom community called Superfans in the Fortress. In this first interview, I talked to Maxwell Yezpitelok who runs a blog on Tumblr called Superman ’86 to ’99 where he reviews and comments on every single Superman comic […]

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Always Hold On To SMALLVILLE

I started watching Smallville a year ago. Now, ten seasons and twelve months later I finally saw that much-talked about moment – the moment Clark Kent rips open his shirt, you see the Superman symbol, John Williams’ score blaring in your ears and then… it’s over. The Smallville series finale was just a good ending […]

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