BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Batmobile Reveal Coming Soon!

Fans have been demanding to see Ben Affleck’s Batman costume since…well, since it was announced that Batman would be in the Man of Steel sequel! We may still have to wait awhile for the Batsuit, but there’s another piece of Bat-quipment that could be revealed as soon as tomorrow: Batman’s wheels!

Director Zack Snyder took to Twitter today to tease the arrival of the new Batmobile. Take a look!



Clearly Batfleck won’t be driving around in the Tumbler, but the new car does look like it take cues from its predecessor, most notably with the Pirelli-on-steriods type tires. However, the longer front is more reminiscent of the Batmobiles seen in the comics and the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher movies. A “best of both worlds” blending, perhaps. Certainly more Bat-pizazz in this design.

It looks like Warner Bros. is doing the same thing they did earlier this year with the Flash costume reveal. Filming with the Batmobile is expected to begin soon, and rather than first see the car through leaked cell phone photos, Warner Bros. wants to make sure people get an official look at the car before filming begins. Get the glamour shots out of the way so people can study them closely, and then start with the heavy work where things aren’t likely to look their best in action.

One more thing: if the Batmobile reveal is coming soon, that could mean that we won’t have much longer to wait for the Batsuit. Keep checking in with UTF for the latest developments.

SOURCE: Twitter