The Batfleck Has Arrived! BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Batsuit Revealed

Yesterday, Man of Steel sequel director Zack Snyder teased the Interwebs with a look at the back of the Batman vs. Superman Batmobile. His tweet suggested that he would reveal the rest of it today. Well, he delivered…along with a little something extra. The wait is over, everyone. Behold, out first look at Ben Affleck as Batman!


Dude, he is bulked up! Seriously, I know all the actors playing Batman have to be fit (Adam West possibly being the exception), but Affleck’s physique is perfect for the Caped Crusader. More importantly, though, is the Batsuit. Since this is a black-and-white image, there’s not much we can tell as far as color scheme goes, but the suit appears to be mostly black and grey. Some were hoping that the Batfleck would rock his comic counterpart’s blue uniform, but it’s possible the cape, cowl and gloves are navy blue.

However, here are the two things that really catch my eye. First, the symbol. Huge! That is bigger than any of the previous Bat-symbols. The design is reminiscent of the logo that was released at Comic-Con last year, although slightly fatter. Second, the ears. They are much smaller than the ears of the other movie Bat-suits. With these two factors, it’s clear why The Dark Knight Returns is part of the inspiration for Affleck’s Batman.


As many of you know, Affleck will be portraying an older and seasoned Batman, rather than the newbie we saw in Batman Begins. His pose and body language conveys this effectively, and it will be interesting to see a much more experience Dark Knight take on Superman in the upcoming film. As for the Batmobile, from what they’ve shown, the front looks more futuristic than previous Batmobiles, but you can still see the influences from the Tumbler. Batman’s going to have a nice set of wheels when he’s blazing through Metropolis come 2016.

One last thing. If there’s any doubt in your mind if that’s actually Affleck in the costume, take a look at this close-up (courtesy of Comic Book Resources).


Look at that chin. That’s trademark Affleck!

SOURCE: Twitter