X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Mid-Credits Scene Will Feature APOCALYPSE And…Possession?!?!

x-men-apocalypse-slice Earlier today, we reported that X-Men: Apocalypse would be a direct sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past and that Apocalypse himself would be the thread tying these two films together. Now, a new report from FirstShowing states that Apocalypse will appear in the Days of Future Past mid-credits scene, but how he appears quite different than what we’re used to from the comics. Below is FirstShowing’s description’s events of the scene, which was confirmed by two sources they spoke with, although you should still take it with a grain of salt.

The credits bumper jumps back to the past with a young Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) in a ramshackle house in the desert eating dinner, clearly on the run from all the authorities who want to bring him down. While using a well outside to get some water, the young Magneto sees something fall from the night sky and crash to Earth nearby. Upon inspecting the impact zone, he encounters what is described as an “alien form” who is “towering, terrifying, with a twisted metal face and dark pits for eyes.” It’s Apocalypse and he says, “I have crossed rivers of time to find you.” Magneto asks, “Who are you? The alien responds, “I am your future.”

Suddenly Apocalypse merges with Magneto, who screams and blasts an insane amount of energy and shockwaves around him. This energy explosion levels everything around him, with a blast radius that goes for miles. As Magneto looks at what he’s done, he has a realization of the power he now holds and a villainous grin begins to form before the film cuts to black.

Uh…okay, not what I was expecting at all. First off, Apocalypse. In the comic books, Apocalypse is a towering brute of a mutant who is thousands of years old and has multiple powers, most notably shapeshifting. Going off this description, Apocalypse seems to have been turned into an alien entity who possess others, but dramatically increases their powers at the same time. It’s like a weird combination of the Venom symbiote and Parallax from Green Lantern.

Apocalypse being an “alien form” is a radical departure from the previous X-Men movies. Oh sure, we’ve had mutants with extraordinary powers battling amongst each other, but so far there has been no presence of otherworldly forces. If this mid-credits scene is true, the X-Men universe will be open to new possibilities off planet. With Fox’s plans of connecting the X-Men and new Fantastic Four movies into one cohesive universe, could Apocalypse be set up as the big baddie for the Fox Cinematic Universe, i.e. their Thanos? 1753045-apocalypse_wallpaper_4_2_davewilkins Honestly, I don’t like this radical shift from what we’ve seen of him in the comic books, video games and TV shows. With time travel already being an element in Days of Future Past, it would have been farfetched to see an ancient mutant traveling through time to do battle with the present-day mutants (not farfetched for a comic book movie anyway). As an alien who possess others, is this scene the only time we’ll get to see the true Apocalypse, or will he eventually gain a form that mirrors his comic book appearance? I hope we get to see more of his true form because I do not want a repeat of the Galactus cloud fiasco.

As for Michael Fassbender, this scene guarantees that he and a few others from the First Class timeline will be appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse. That being said, we’ve seen an older Magneto being played by Ian McKellen for more than a decade now. Either the First Class timeline is separate from the original movies, allowing it to follow its own narrative and not be constrained by the events of the original trilogy, or this whole time travel business is about to make things way too wonky to fully comprehend, even for the most savvy of time travel enthusiasts (and guaranteed to confound non-comic audiences). Perhaps an appearance by the time-traveling mutant Cable is in order to reset the timeline back and eliminate all continuity discrepancies.

On a final note, as much as I like Micael Fassbender’s portrayal of Magneto, I hope the main conflict of this movie doesn’t end up just being a super-charged possessed Magneto. For a movie of this scale, the fans deserve a lot better. If the scriptwriters are smart, they’ll give us the guy dishing out a brutal beatdown on our mutant heroes, because it’s what we all want to see. Apocalypse_Wallpaper_5 SOURCE: FirstShowing