WONDER WOMAN Actress Only Paid $300,000 for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

wonder woman batman vs superman

And honestly, that’s not so bad. The movie is titled BATMAN VS SUPERMAN after all, so Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman should only be featured as a secondary character. Perhaps even an expanded cameo. $300,000 is certainly enough for that role.

Here’s a Hebrew video revealing all of the juicy deets. You know, if you happen to speak the Chosen language.

Gal Gadot signed a 3 movie deal as Wonder Woman… by BatmanNewsCom
I was really pissed at fandom for criticizing Zack Snyder’s casting choice in Gal Gadot. I thought it served as another heinous example of fanboys letting their misogyny flag fly, but after watching that video, holy shit is she puny. I know she could easily pack on the bulk muscle mass that Wonder Woman requires, but (and I really hate to say this) she seems like just another pretty face. I can imagine a bunch of studio execs hanging around the office, browsing through binders of women (#Romney), trying to find the perfect mixture of cheap and hot, and Gal Gadot was their ideal candidate.

I absolutely know I’ll love Batman vs Superman, and I know I’ll love Gadot’s Wonder Woman, but the casting process is still lame.