Two DEADPOOL Trailers are Coming Next Week!!!

deadpool leaked footage banner

Last week, the Deadpool trailer was classified. Fanboys everywhere rejoiced, and then dismayed at the fact the trailer was rated PG – meaning it would be made for a wider audience rather than embracing the R-rated nature of the character.

deadpool trailer classified

I speculated in the article that Fox could release two trailers; one green-band and one red-band. To my surprise, I was right. That’ll be good for my ego.

deadpool trailer classified 2

We apologise for the similarities in images; the same site (Alberta Film Ratings) has indeed classified a second trailer and you’ll notice that it’s dubbed “trailer B,” and is rated 14A – so it’s suitable for people aged fourteen and over. It’s also a whole seventeen seconds longer, which may not seem like a lot but if you ever get involved in film editing of any kind then you’ll know that even a few extra seconds can contain a wealth of footage. Seventeen seconds of pure blood, gore and swearing? Yes please.

The family-friendly-fancy-pancy trailer will most certainly hit with Fantastic Four next week, but it appears as if the second (and probably way cooler) will pop up next week on Conan. Ryan Reynolds is his guest this week and in the description for the August 4th episode… well, it’s quite self-explanatory.

Ryan Reynolds debuts the new redband trailer for “Deadpool.” We’re filling up his dressing room with chimichangas in anticipation.

There it is in writing. We are getting two trailers for Deadpool. Hype?

Check back here on August 4th (or 5th, more likely. Maybe 6th…) for the red-band trailer and some excellent, snarky, UTF-branded opinions. C’mon, now you gotta be hype.