CONFIRMED: The World’s Finest To Collide In 2015 – SUPERMAN & BATMAN Movie

UPDATE: Man of Steel Director Zack Snyder’s just taken the stage at the San Diego Comic Con and confirmed that Batman/Superman is in fact happening.  

Yesterday AICN’s editor-in-chief brought rumors of a 2015 Justice League movie to our attention, but as we draw closer to today’s WB press conference, a whole new slew of whispers have cropped up. According to the good folks at LA Times Hero Complex (who have a pretty damn good track record with scoops) a “Superman & Batman” movie should be announced this afternoon. That’s right… a buddy superhero flick starring neck-snapping Clark Kent and League of Shadows Bruce (assuming DC doesn’t completely do away with Nolan’s backstory).

In all fairness to our good friends at AICN, this scoop doesn’t exactly disprove their assertion yesterday. A Justice League movie is almost synonymous with World’s Finest (which is the classic team up book featuring Superman and Batman). Hell… we haven’t even seen the panel yet, so all of this could be pointless speculation.

Although, I can’t help wondering if this will open up the floodgates to other buddy superhero films, similar to how The Avengers encouraged studios to create their own expanded universes (Sony’s bigger Spidey U and Fox’s X-Men multiverse are hot on my mind).